Business Debit Card

Use it to make purchases from your checking account!

The BANKWEST Business Debit Card works just like a check, just faster and easier! It looks like a credit card, but all purchase amounts are deducted from your checking account balance, not added to a credit card amount. The card is accepted wherever you see the Visa sign.

Easier record keeping!

Our BANKWEST Business Debit Card means not having to carry a bulky checkbook and easier record keeping. When you make purchases or complete ATM transactions with the card, your transactions will be listed on your monthly statement.

Using the BANKWEST Debit Card is easy!

For most transactions with your Business Debit Card, you will just need to “swipe” your card by passing it through the card reader slot. You may then select credit and provide your signature if requested, or debit (for the option to receive cash back) and provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

International Availability

Your Business Debit Card also works at ATMs worldwide. However, due to an increasing number of stolen card numbers being used overseas, BANKWEST and First Data have initiated a policy of allowing point of sale (POS) transactions only in the USA, Mexico and Canada except under specific circumstances.

You may use your card in other countries by contacting BANKWEST at least 48 hours prior to departure and giving us the on and off dates you would like the card to be available for overseas transactions usage.

If you are a frequent traveler, you may opt out of the overseas restriction by contacting BANKWEST. However, please keep in mind that opting out will leave you at a greater risk for unauthorized use of your card number.
A 1% Visa international fee will be charged when you use your debit card to make a purchase and the transaction clears through a foreign country.

Added protection!

For your protection, BANKWEST and First Data have added another layer to debit card security. If irregular spending patterns are detected, your card may be temporarily suspended until we can verify authenticity.

Safe and secure!

As the business owner, you determine the daily purchase limit for each employee card. In addition, each card has a unique number, allowing you to monitor employee spending.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

To report a lost or stolen debit card please call: 800-535-8440

Apply Today

Take advantage of all the benefits of a Business Debit Card. Simply complete the application (PDF) and deliver it to any one of our three convenient locations.

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